I’m Alive!!! Lol

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Blogs, Updates
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Hey all! I wanted to say thanks for the comments on the poem I released a while back. Your comments and messages we’re heart felt.

This is just short update to say I’m still here, and I’m doing much better. Found myself admits the chaos of my life, and I’m working on  several projects soon  to hit WordPress. I’ve been doing a lot lately, I have a blue belt in karate(a long time since I’ve practiced) and now switched to Brazilian jujitsu and Maui Tai. Getting back into shape is rough, but to have my blood pressure raised and adrenalin rushed feels great when it his nothing to so with personal issues.

Also wanted to introduce the newest member of the binarypotatoe crew is my pup Erebus. Collie Sheppard mix, and the easiest dog in the workday to train. We’ve doing a lot of hiking in the mountains, meeting a lot of new people. Realizing dog people are the friendliest.

So between the pup, martial arts, writing and playing pool. I’ve been alive and busy!

So ya! Doing great and will be publishing a bunch to WordPress soon. Much love from the interwebs!


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