Untitled Hurt

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Blogs
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To myself I lie, but the heart isn’t a fool

It causes pain, that in the night does rule

It keeps me from sleep, it keeps me from pleasant dream.

Tears of burden and tears of pain

I can smell you in the night

Aroma’s from my pillows, my sheets, my soul, wrap me tight

Never letting me forget you where once there

And now those pillows lie cold and bare

I walk alone, no matter how anyone else loves me

My heart and soul are always tied to thee

I hate these lies, I wish I could feel free

  1. ristinw says:

    I feel the pain in the words. May freedom and joy conquer the pain and grasp.

  2. What did Joplin say? “Freedom’s just another word…”
    Not going to attempt any cheery words. Just get up and prod onward for a while.
    (Thrashing back that perky “tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow” song- just too annoying at this point.)

  3. cyb3rtr4c3 says:

    Your words were well heard my friend. I thank you for them.

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