Stale Air

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Blogs

Where does one fined themselves, when one finds themselves lost?  

Realizing that you been living day after day not seeing a plan or goal just a path. One that your so used to following it can be walked at night or day, eyes open or closed. Not a destination but a routine.

The scare of loosing the one thing that always made sense, the one person who knows who I truly am, is forcing me to reexamine my life.  I almost lost this person last week, and to realize that without her I am no longer sure who I am scares me. I feel I stand without feet, no longer knowing what holds me up.

How can I be there for her when I am unsure of myself? I look long into my mind and it feels like an empty room that was once busy and littered with the bustling of ideals, ideas, dreams and aspirations. Now empty, silent and the air stale. I must change. 


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