We’re Alive a “zombie” story of survival – Intro to my Reviews

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Reviews
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I am starting these reviews as a writing exercise, something to keep the mental juices flowing when I am feeling slow and sluggish. To keep me interested on the days when I’m feeling not so creative but would like to keep writing as a practice up. For the next little bit I am going to try and get as many reviews up as I can up, as the show has been airing since May 4, 2009, is at chapter 25 and each chapter usually consists of 3 parts. Lots to review until I’m caught up.

This is just a review and personal thoughts on the podcast. I do not own and am not a part of We’re Alive. I am just a fan. And if their art of story internet-radio can keep me writing, thats just a bonus.

Before posting these reviews I would encourage everyone interested in great story telling, suspense, great characters, internet-radio stories, and old time radio to check it out for themselves. Don’t let the zombie aspect of it scare you away, here the story you will not regret it.

We’re Alive a “zombie” story of survival podcast



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