We’re Alive a “zombie” story of survival -Chapter 1 It begins Part 1- A Review

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Reviews
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It all begins with Sergeant Michael Cross played by Jim Gleason. Who is in college after a tour in Iraq. Michael’s character here at the beginning catches my attention as he brushes off a female students, request to go to the dance. He doesn’t do it quiet rudily but just overly honest about his uninterested in the social gathering.

Soon as class starts there is an explosion that is heard in the distance and he leaves to investigate, siting on television the chaotic mobbing. Soon he is contacted by Lieutenant Angel, at this point I don’t think his last name is given. He is played by: Shane Salk. Angel orders Michael to get to their barracks.

At this point is Michaels first encounter with the undead while stuck in traffic, annoyed as the guy behind him keeps honking. Which turns out to be the very thing that safes him as a group of the “chaotic rioters” passes his car and heads for his annoyed lane mate, who gets torn to bits.

The story then moves to the barracks where we meet up with Angel and also are introduced to Specialist Saul, who Michael knows previous to this. Saul is played by Nate Geez.

Here they decide to break into the barracks as they figure their commander and fellow comrades will not be showing. Cause by their braking-in the alarm goes off attracting a horde of the undead to their location. They enter the barracks closing the door behind them and hide in the vault. Trapped they devise a plan to make their escape and go to Angel’s girlfriends apartment building. Which could proof a more permanent and defendable place.

This is an interesting first episode, as many pieces of information is given in this episode. Such as the explosion at the beginning, what was that??? And we know the zombies are attracted by sound, their fast and they can be killed with a head shot.

As a first episode it was excellently paced, and the audio quality is professional standard.

**If I dragged a little retelling this episode instead of reviewing it, I apologize this is the longest text I’ve written in 10 years. It will get better…. I hope ;-p


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