Busting My Blerry

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ha! I finally done it. And like a school girl I’m left bloody and confused, blerry has been busted.

So by my first statement I guess it goes without saying that this is my first blog post. I am excited as it is proven blogs have potential, potential for what? Anything! Words can inspire, scare, inform and thats just the beginning. I plan to try to keep this up fairly regularly and probably branch off into other blogs interests very.

I chose WordPress for this medium as I intend to install it to my serves and mange it from there, eventually. So I might as well get use to it now.

I have many interests, from nature to tech, music to history, and oh yes politics. Thats why in the future I may begin segregating into different blogs, but all in time.


And PS

Realized that I might have an attitude, so I adopted Wheaton’s Law. Makes a difference!


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